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Nichols & Wallsmith: A fixture in the local community for more than 120 years.

Knox Indiana Lawyers

Nichols & Wallsmith: A fixture in the local community for more than 120 years.

When individuals, farmers and businesses have legal questions, they call Nichols & Wallsmith. Our attorneys are dedicated to helping clients resolve their legal challenges in the most practical and efficient manner possible.

Located in Knox, Nichols & Wallsmith serves clients throughout Northwest Indiana and Michiana*.

Serving The Local Farming Community

Farming is a hard business. In addition to the physical labor, the business side of farming can be complex. At Nichols & Wallsmith, our firm has been providing legal services to local farmers for more than 120 years. We understand the unique challenges farmers face and do everything in our power to make their jobs easier.

Our attorneys provide comprehensive legal services to the farming community. We help farmers lock in long-term land leases, incorporate their businesses, shield themselves from personal liability and develop estate plans that keep the family farm in the family.

Nichols & Wallsmith: A Full-Service Firm

At Nichols & Wallsmith, our lawyers are dedicated to providing smart solutions to all of our clients’ legal needs. Our team of lawyers works together to find fast, effective solutions so our clients can breathe easy and move forward with their lives.

Our firm provides legal representation in a wide range of legal areas, including:

Starke County Attorneys Providing Local Legal Representation

At Nichols & Wallsmith, we have been providing big-town legal services with small-town flavor for more than 120 years.

Over the years, our firm has built a solid reputation. Our attorneys are known in the local legal community as strong legal advocates who provide clients with smart solutions to their most complex legal challenges.

As former prosecutors, our attorneys are well versed in the nuances of local law. We understand how the local court systems work, and have built good working relationships with judges, prosecutors and other lawyers.

Contact Nichols & Wallsmith today at 574-207-4090 or 866-218-9110 for a free consultation with an experienced Knox, Indiana, attorney.

*The attorneys at Nichols & Wallsmith are only licensed in Indiana.

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