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Nichols & Wallsmith: A fixture in the local community for more than 120 years.

Knox Theft Defense Lawyers

When you contact Nichols & Wallsmith, you get experienced, aggressive attorneys who are dedicated to defeating your white collar theft and embezzlement charges. But most importantly, you get the chance at a new life.

Located in Knox, Nichols & Wallsmith is a longstanding fixture in the local community. Our attorneys represent individuals throughout Northwest Indiana and Michiana* who have been charged with white collar crimes.

Experienced Defense, Compassionate Representation

At Nichols & Wallsmith, our firm has been serving the local community for more than 120 years. Our attorneys are former prosecutors and experienced criminal defense professionals. Over the years, we have successfully defended clients against a wide range of white collar crimes, including:

  • Embezzlement
  • Forgery
  • Financial fraud
  • Government contract fraud
  • Public offenses and municipal crimes
  • Official misconduct

Financial crimes, theft and embezzlement are often the result of underlying drug, alcohol or gambling addictions. At Nichols & Wallsmith, our lawyers have built a reputation for not just dealing with the criminal charge, but for helping the accused get on the path to a better life.

Addiction is not a crime, it is a disease. You don’t need punishment, you need treatment and you deserve a second chance.

Many clients are immediately enrolled in drug, alcohol or gambling treatment programs. By enrolling in a rehabilitation program, you send prosecutors and judges the clear message that you are serious about overcoming your addiction issues and staying out of trouble in the future.

Local judges and prosecutors know our clients begin attending rehabilitation programs from day one. By the time our clients appear before the judge, they are already on the road to recovery.

Starke County Embezzlement Attorneys

If you or a family member has been charged with a white collar crime, such as theft or embezzlement, you need experienced criminal defense attorneys dedicated to protecting your rights. Contact the Knox theft defense attorneys of Nichols & Wallsmith at 574-207-4090 or 866-218-9110. Consultations are free.

*The attorneys at Nichols & Wallsmith are only licensed in Indiana.

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