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Nichols & Wallsmith: A fixture in the local community for more than 120 years.

Knox Wills And Trusts Lawyers

Nichols & Wallsmith: a fixture in the local community for more than 120 years.

Located in Knox, the attorneys at Nichols & Wallsmith have helped generations of families throughout Northwest Indiana and Michiana* plan for the future, protect their assets and preserve their family legacies.

Providing Peace Of Mind

No one likes to think about their death. However, taking a few steps today will ensure your family is cared for after you are gone.

Creating a will or trust is an intensely personal process. The decisions you make will impact your family for generations to come. At Nichols & Wallsmith, our lawyers take the time to understand your goals and your family, and create wills that protect your assets, pass property to the next generation and ensure your final wishes are heard.

At Nichols & Wallsmith, every will we draft has three components: a basic will, power of attorney and living will. Through these documents, we put our clients’ minds at ease.

  • Wills — When you pass away, who will get your car, house and bank accounts? Who will care for your children? Drafting a will lets you designate who will inherit your assets and who will act as guardian for minor children after your death.
  • Powers of attorney — Who will manage your money when you are unable due to illness or old age? By naming a trusted individual to manage money on your behalf, you can rest assured your bills will be paid and finances handled.
  • Living wills — If you are in an accident or become sick, who will make medical decisions on your behalf? Through a living will, you can name health care representatives and communicate your end-of-life wishes.
  • Guardianships — We help clients obtain guardianships over the children in their care so they have legal decision-making power over children’s health, education and general welfare.

Pass Family Legacies On To The Next Generation

Do you have property — such as a farm or business — you want to pass on to the next generation? Through a trust, you can ensure your family legacy stays in the family. Trusts are also tax-savings tools and can be used to reduce or eliminate the federal estate and gift taxes owed upon your death.

At Nichols & Wallsmith, we use a variety of trusts to ensure property, businesses and large amounts of money are safely held and managed for future family members.

Keep your family farm, business or other property in the family. Contact the Knox wills and trusts attorney of Nichols & Wallsmith. Call our office at 574-207-4090 or 866-218-9110 to schedule a free consultation.

*The attorneys at Nichols & Wallsmith are only licensed in Indiana.

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