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Nichols & Wallsmith: A fixture in the local community for more than 120 years.

Knox Divorce Lawyers

Divorce is often an emotional and painful time. Don’t make your divorce any harder or uglier than it has to be; hire attorneys who will do everything in their power to move you through the divorce process in the most amicable manner possible.

Located in Knox, Nichols & Wallsmith has been helping families throughout Northwest Indiana and Michiana* resolve their disputes for more than 120 years.

At Nichols & Wallsmith, our lawyers provide big-town legal services with the small-town flavor our community values.

Making Divorce As Amicable As Possible

At Nichols & Wallsmith, we don’t add fuel to the fire. Our goal is not to escalate the situation, but to handle your divorce respectfully.

When a marriage ends, hurt feelings and anger can quickly escalate into heated, drawn-out and expensive litigation. At Nichols & Wallsmith, we don’t think a courtroom battle is good for anyone. We use every legal tool available, including mediation and negotiation, to find amicable solutions and keep our clients’ divorces out of court.

A good family law attorney knows divorce involves more than the law. To reach a truly fair divorce agreement, family dynamics, the interests of the children and the personalities of each spouse must be taken into consideration.

We work closely with our clients to complete the divorce process as efficiently as possible while getting a fair share of marital property and preserving their relationships with their children.

Starke County Property Division Attorneys

During divorce, all marital property must be identified, valued and divided.

In Indiana, judges divide property based on what is most equitable. This does not mean an even 50-50 split. Instead, the judge will look to a variety of factors, including the age and health, work history and sources of income of each spouse when dividing assets.

At Nichols & Wallsmith, we make sure our clients get their fair share of property. We thoroughly evaluate the situation to ensure all marital property — including real estate, personal property, bank accounts, investment assets, retirement accounts and life insurance policies — are accounted for and divided fairly.

During divorce, family farms are often on the line. At Nichols & Wallsmith, we help farmers preserve their family’s legacies during divorce.

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If you are involved in a divorce, you need an attorney who understands the financial, property and family relationships at stake. Contact Nichols & Wallsmith at 574-207-4090 or 866-218-9110 for a free consultation with an experienced Knox divorce attorney.

*The attorneys at Nichols & Wallsmith are only licensed in Indiana.

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